Why DBAWork

As day by business is getting critical, we need to have many kind of database for one solution. You need certain application which will use MS-SQL as the application is from Microsoft; Warehouse database is either Oracle or DB2. Now you need expert of all these RDBMS floured. We have expert database administrator in all these RDBMS. Some of our expert has worked on all these major databases.

Since new hire DBA takes time to get started. We help in-house DBA to have less burn out. This in turn reduces cost for customer.

We don't outsource service to outside people. We have all the strength to support customer requiremnt in-house. We do belive in data sercurity.

As database is hitting performance issue, many times tuning of database will solve the problem. Few cases we need to go for architectural guide line. DBAWork people are Key player in risk identification, analysis and response planning process. They Ensures and optimizes logging, monitoring, mitigation and control of risks. We have Senior level architect, they have worked in various domain Finance,Retail and Telecom. Some of them work as Data architect.
IBM Certified Database administrator. These people have more than 10 year experience in IT industry. Some of them use to work with IBM as support analyst. These are people who have seen DB2 code and worked for DB2 database bug fixing.
-- Oracle DBA
Certified Oracle Database administrator, some of these dba's work from Singapor,UK and USA.
-- MS-Sql DBA
We have people who are Certified Microsoft SQL server database administrators.
We have solution expertise for MySQL database. This involves migration of database from above RDBMS to MySQL database.

We provide exceptional and outstanding remote DBA support, which has been acknowledged by the customers at all, tiers. Its exceptionally good repute reflects this acknowledgement. We offer strong SLA and SLM while providing remote DBA support to its customers. A strong SLA offers following benefits: It ensures that DBAWork and the customer are on the same grid as far as service provision and reception is concerned. Every minute detail of the service is written, leaving no doubts and assumptions regarding quality or quantity of remote DBA support. A strong SLA covers smallest detail of rate and financial issues, in order to leave no query, to avoid any complication at later stage. It gives peace of mind to the customer. It acts as fundamental of trust between customer and DBAWork. We ensure timely delivery of service & High availability. We ensure better understanding of clients' requirements and guaranteed Response time.


The top management people have more than 11 year experience in information technology field. These people have work experience of many top most industries. Many of them have worked across many technologies, Person like G Umesh and Pravin have experience in working of old days dos bases foxpro till now pureScale and rack technologies.

Customer Detail

The Database administrator working on any patron delinquent will not be aware of customer details. It will be ticket for these people working in DBAWork. Remote database administrator working from other site needs to connect to centralized whereabouts and work from this location workstation.


All the people employed in DBAWork are certified in their peculiar technologies. We have people certified in DB2, Oracle and MS-SQL. DBA's are certified on numerous levels of RDBMS products.


Certain societies use to work for IBM bug fixing support system. Some people use to work with Oracle. These individuals have worked on database code. They have solved delinquent where you need to make fluctuations with binary proficiency.